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Tracey Prinzbach began her career in the fitness industry as an aerobics instructor in 1985 with Australian Bodyworks, one of the largest and most respected fitness organizations in the Atlanta area.

She received the first leadership award presented by ABW in 1992. Received that award again 1993 and 1995. Also awarded instructor of the year in 1993. That same year she began personal training. In 2000 she hung up her teaching shoes to focus full time on personal training.

With clients that range in age from 15 to 78, Tracey is dedicated to helping clients develop a lifetime commitment to their health and well being.  She is always implementing news tools and philosophies for clients to reach their goals.

She also raises money every year for EDIN, the Eating Disorder Information Network, to help raise awareness and educate teens and their families on the issues of eating disorders.

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